How much are Seller’s Fee’s in Mexico

Seller’s Fee’s in Mexico

Clients are always asking me how much are the Seller’s Fee’s in Mexico when they sell their property. There are only two fees when you sell your vacation home or condo. You have to pay capital gains tax, if any, and the real estate commission. The rest of the fees are paid by the purchaser.

Seller's Fee in Mexico

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Escrow fees can be negotiated to be split between both parties. Sellers are responsible to have  Mexican property taxes, home owners dues & special assessments paid up to the day of closing, Utilities, such as electricity and water can be prorated. Unfortunately your yearly trust fee can not the prorated. With that said, if you just paid your trust fees for an entire year and you sell your property one month later the trustee bank will not give you any money back.

When you sell your property in Mexico, capital gains tax will be calculated by the notary public. This tax is calculated in Mexican Pesos and not US Dollars. That means if you purchased our property for $500,000 USD at and exchange rate of 10 Pesos per one US Dollar your cost bases is $5,000,000 Pesos. If you sell your property today for the same US Dollar amount but the exchange rate is at 17.5 Pesos per one US Dollar you will get $8,750,000 Pesos. This results in a gain of $3,750,000 Pesos. The Mexican IRS will tax you a 35% of this gain.

The real estate commission is a deduction.  And you will receive an inflationary credit for each year you have owned your property. Original invoices (facturas) for improvements can also be submitted to the notary public for consideration. There are also tax strategies that can be applied at the time of closing in order to reduce your gain.

Please remember there is no double taxation between Mexico, USA and Canada. So it is important and I highly recommend you to talk to your accountant back home with regards to your income taxes. You should receive a tax credit for capital gains tax you paid in Mexico.

Sellers are also asking me a lot about the IVA tax (Value added Tax) that is added to the real estate commission. Almost all services are subject to a 16% IVA tax in Mexico. And the real estate commission you pay is considered a service. This fee is 100% deductible from your gain.

Closings have become more complicated lately. Normally an average closing takes about 60 to 90 days from the day all necessary documents have been provided to the closing agent. If your trust is with HSBC or Scotiabank closings can take six months or more. So don’t spend the money until your deal closes.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or doubts you might have. I’ll be more then happy to assist you selling your property.

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