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Economic changes worldwide have resulted in a real estate marketplace in Mexico where no mortgage product exists for US and Canadian citizens. As a result, many sellers are reluctantly considering acting as “The Bank” and offering private financing, but are doing so without carefully analyzing the risk of the buyer or without professional mortgage or legal advice. 

Underwrite Mexico’s philosophy is to promote more seller financing transactions by providing a safer lending environment for sellers. in the case of any bank giving any mortgage, 4 key factors need to be considered.

1) Real Estate market needs to be stable, not in a period of decline

2) A significant down payment needs to be given

3) The deed needs to be structured correctly

4) The borrower needs to be carefully analyzed

The first launch of Underwrite Mexico is the “Know your Borrower” program. It is a detailed review of the buyer/borrower to determine creditworthiness and is designed to take the liability for this process out of the hands of the agent and have it handled by a professional 3rd party making sellers feel significantly more comfortable with providing a private mortgage by having specific lending guidelines they agree to and a provider that is an expert in Mexico underwriting protecting their interests. Buyer pays/ seller benefits.

Listing agents now have a professional consultation service to refer to their sellers to facilitate more sellers being open to seller financing and buying agents now have a way to strengthen ANY offer that includes a seller financing request as buyers through UM’s approval process “open their books” to the sellers in the form of a legitimate loan application. Let us act as the go between and help you sell more real estate while protecting both buyer and sellers interests.

Our following launch will be a payment service to assist with automatic payments between buyers and sellers allowing easy review of balances and payments as well as direct debit and credit features. This will assist with tracking of late payments and levying of penalties. 

Also coming soon will be the launch of a private mortgage insurance product that will insure the payments to the seller by the borrower in the case of job loss, disability or death.

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