Baja Beans, Pescadero, Baja California Sur

The other day I was supposed to go to breakfast at the marina in Cabo San Lucas with my friend Pablo Armenta. When I met him at his house he informed me that there is a change of plans. Instead of going to a restaurant at the marina he invited me to drive to Pescadero. Pescadero is a small town on the way to Todos Santos. With the new four-lane highway it took us approximately 35 minutes to get there. 

I've heard about Baja Beans before through some friends and all of them love it. They all told me about how delicious their coffee and pastry was. I have say that life is too short to drink bad wine and that is the same for good coffee. If a restaurant does not serve espresso I rather have a tea or just a glass of water. I guess as European I got used to good coffee a long time ago. I've been living in Baja for over 15 years now and it was hard in the beginning to find good brewed coffee. So that was the reason why I was really excited to get to know the place. 

Baja Beans is right off the highway before you get to the gas station in Pescadero. It is located on the ocean side of the highway, just look out for the sign. There is plenty of parking. It is a beautiful setting with a lot of mature trees that provide enough shade. I ordered a Cappuccino first and the barista prepared it to its perfection. Not only did it taste great but also he prepared it to perfection. I've only seen such preparation on TV before. Alec Tidey, the owner, sat down with us and explained us his vision. Alec came down from Vancouver with his wife and put the money where his mouth was. He wants to change to culture of drinking coffee here in Baja. And let me tell you he is doing a great job. After I finished my Cappuccino I ordered an espresso. It is needless to say how good it was. Then he showed us the coffee roaster that he purchased in San Diego and explained us about the process of roasting coffee. By the way his wife makes delicious pastries that are to die for. As it says on their web page: "We love what we do so we do it right". This was my first visit but not my last. I'm looking forward to stop by there very soon. 

So when you drive up to Todos Santos or La Paz please give you self a little break and stop by for great coffee and pastry. You won't regret it. 


Posted on March 30, 2013 at 11:02 am
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